Our License Optimizer tool analyzes the usage of all the SAP users in each of the system in the landscape and reports the amount of time each user spends including executed TCodes in the system. From this data, the tool recommends precise license type for each user especially user type “Professional” which is expensive.The process highlights the users who are not assigned to the right license type. The tool also highlights dormant users, casual users who can be either locked, deleted (or) reclassified with inexpensive license type. The tool simulates the reclassified user licenses as per the recommendations and shows the cost savings  the company.

Currently SAP accepts license measurements based on your software usage. But they are moving to requiring you to submit measurements based on authorization.

The challenge is to reduce your users’ authorization scope. You need to analyze the broad scope of authorizations and compare what you are actually using against what you are allowed to use. Make a list of unused authorizations, then reduce how much access each user has.

License Optimizer saves up to 40% SAP license cost and optimizes SAP user license distribution. Real-time analysis and precise SAP license type classification for every user helps companies in reducing time and cost of license audits for SAP as well as the overall cost paid to SAP on a yearly basis.


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Track your usage before
SAP does


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Know authorization - based licensing