We have the expertise to help the customers implement Attribute based access control (ABAC)
  • Attribute based access control is Dynamic, in which authorization and access rights to an organization’s applications, data or other sensitive assets are granted dynamically in real-time using attribute-based rules and policies. In ABAC solutions, attributes are characteristics about the user, the data or the environment, such as group, department, employee status, citizenship, position, device type, IP address, or any other factors which could affect the authorization outcome. Access decisions are based on this information. They consider the person, the action they want to perform, and the resource they want to access.
  • In an ABAC approach, hundreds of authorizations roles can be replaced by just a few policies. These policies are managed centrally across all sensitive applications and systems providing a single, consistent view of who can do what, and under what circumstances. Centralized management makes it easy to add or update policies and quickly deploy across the enterprise